TURIN, August 27, 2012 – He had stopped during training on the eve of Juve-Parma. Lucio remains in fact stoped at least 45 days after spraining his right ankle. Apprehended, MRI and radiography showed the complete lesion of the anterior talofibular ligament. No operation, conservative therapy, but not less than a month and a half (probably two) of stop. Actually they feared even longer. So instead, you will not need to go back on the market for defenders: this, at least, that’s what they tell Juventus leaders. Masi is likely to be retained in rose. For the rest, Maronne gives ample guarantees also behind and the Uruguayan Caceres is now close to return. 
Giovinco worries Today second day of rest for the Conte gang, but Sebastian Giovinco is expected by the medical staff to check the extent of ankle sprain suffered in the final minutes on Saturday night. The Turin playmaker is optimistic, but after the match some concern apparent on the faces of Juve men. The hope is that this stop relates only to the away match in Udine, thanks to the international break just after the next game of the season. 
source: GdS (article by Mirko Graziano)

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