The month of July has started touring in pyrotechnic fireworks at Juventus home. We are not confused with the barrels of the last year, but we refer to the blows closed by the Director General Beppe Marotta. The new grafts will materialize all in this first week of the new month. Isla and Asamoah will be made ​​official Tuesday 3 and represent the first two shots of the Old Lady version Champions League. After the tricolore is now permissible to aim to get as far forward as possible to the maximum continental competition. 

The next day will be the turn of Paul Pogba. The strong French midfielder has been locked for months and will color officially black and white in midweek. Ferguson did not metabolized the prank and the shock of losing on a free transfer one of the most talented in the middle of the world football scene. The skillful leadership of Corso Galileo Ferraris to blow him without spending anything. Even the employment of the ’93 class, in fact, contrary to what one might think it is absolutely within the parameters of the Financial Fair Play so frequently invoked by “Le Roi” Michel Platini. The former promise of the Red Deviles will bind to Juve until 2016 for 1.2 million per season.

The real market blitz, however, the combination of the Marotta-Paratici scored with Lucimar Ferreira da Silva. Written so it would seem the classic South American Carneades, however, we mean one of the strongest defenders of the last decade. Better known as Lucio, the Brazilian has in his palmares personality and pedigree of the highest international level. Leadership and habit to fight to win the highest international level that will allow Conte to benefit from an asset in the defensive rotations. The stopper native of Brasilia has won a World Cup leading with the Selecao in 2002 playing in a defense to three, while has collected numerous trophies as inter player playing in a defense of four. An impressive tactical flexibility that has bewitched a transformable as the mister salentino which called for the hiring of former Bayern Monaco to the leadership. The agent Sandro Becker will meet monday Marotta in a famous hotel in Milan to sign the final agreement. Two-year contract more than 2.5 million bonus tied to goals that the Bianconeri will win. A proposal economically less rich than those of Malaga and Fenerbache, but certainly more stimulating from a professional perspective. Downloaded (without any gratitude) from Moratti, Lucio is ready to emulate Andrea Pirlo who in black and white has spilled rivers of tears for those who had decided to do without him. Ring the bell at the address of Max Allegri …

adapted by: Mike Prise