I’ve Told You So!
Loaded as never before: is Luciano Moggi, today when have been spelled out and made public the reasons that led to the decision of the Tribunal of Naples on Farsopoli. A clearly discordant judgment of what has been said in recent years or that the former Juventus general manager was the great puppet master of the Italian soccer and that had affected the 2004/05 and 2005/06 leagues.

Two stolen scudetti so dismissive in a hasty way from a rapid process of sport to the Old Lady and now in the light of the motivations of the ruling issued by the courts of Naples clashes with reality. TuttoJuve.com has interviewed exclusive Luciano Moggi to take stock of the situation.

Director, we begin with the reasons for the decision made ​​public at this time … 
“That of today is a victory. Has finally been made ​​clear. In a word, however, were the judges and the court to do it, certainly not a policeman …”. 

Excuse me who would be the policeman? 
“Oops, I meant Colonel Auricchio (smiles ed): ..”. 

The written judgment clears you from having altered the championships … 
“As I always said we have not altered any sports league. I say more: the rationale is clear that in addition to a lack of alteration of sports scores, there was no falsification of any championship, much less knowingly I made ​​a distribution of cards as mentioned by someone over the years … “. 

Now that everything seems to be more clear what will you do? 
“I will continue in various locations and various appeals in my battle, but now the truth has come to light.” 

The scudetti must be returned to Juve then? 
“Certainly. Juventus and I have to take back what they have wrongly taken over the years. Juve must get back the two titles regularly won on the field . However, it is another thing that intrigues me particularly at this time … “. 

Do tell… 
“After a sport trial made ​​in haste in the summer of 2006, now I want to see how the Federation will react to the reasons for this judgment which states clearly that there was no manipulation of the results of those sports championships. Juve as I’ll do has to fight to regain what has Won on the field. ” 

source: tuttojuve.com
adapted by: Mike Prise