Dear Zeman,
Oh Zeman, Zeman. What has the would done to desereve a red-nosed bitching Czech of your calibre? Every time there is a topic of concern you must spring up and cause havoc and controversy at the order of the day. You always have something to say, be it the amount of players on the newly enhanced  Italian benches, or the ban condition of a fellow league coach and his ridiculous scape-goat situation. 

Was it you, that raised hell back in the 90s after accusing our beloved Alessandro of doping, cause he was (mind you) TOO GOOD? Dafaq? You know what? He was doping! Illegally and incessantly overdosing on a substance known as TALENT!!!
Oh Zeman, Zeman,
But now you are back, from promoting Pescara to Serie A, and have now gotten your boney hands on the she-wolf. *profoundly excuse any zoophiliac imagery*
Sure, everybody knows of your dexterity at commanding an attacking frontline. But take this as an advice: watch out at the back. Cause this ain’t the Olimpico, you ain’t in Rome, you are most certainly a visitor, on a dangerous turf and amidst 45,000 jeering fans who, given the chance, will attempt a hit at the back of your head with a flying peanut. 
Oh Zeman, Zeman.
Best of luck in Turin.

Hugs and Kisses.

PS- beware of turning your head back.

PPS- beware of flying peanuts.

What else can be said? Z-man likes to attack. He’s not that good at defense. Answer: pound his defensive lines. Simple.
Let’s hope for another thrashing.

They’ll likely put a three-man attack consisting of Totti, Osvaldo and Ass-Sniffing Lamela
*BTW, did you know that Lamela means Lick The… in spanish?*
They still have good references on the remainder of the squad. ’11-’12 revelation Bradley and talented Florenzi will most likely flank DDR, while Balzaretti remains their top name at the back. 

Back line and Mid line will suffer little change as the formation lingers on.
Pirlo is tipped to start, and hopefully to kick-start his campaign.
But, who will partner Vucinic

4-3-2-1   Buffon/Licht-Barz-Chiello-Paolino/Vidal-Pirlo-Marchisio/Gio-Vuc/Quags.
But none of this is happening.
Lets head for Champions League round 2 with the best of boosts.
Fino alla Fine.
Pablo Giles
Giles 09