There are games in which the cross is not a pass: is a prayer. And to answer the prayer serves that in the area there is a center-forward. That’s true, that from another time, that from a time had the number 9 and not asking movements, doublings, shores, assists, crosses. They asked him only to put it inside.

The classic center forward: not the first striker, the false nine. Just the striker. The tall, big and strong. What he need is a ball to score. The one that as children, in small field, everyone wanted to be. The one if you’re in trouble, well, he solves it. The one that for years  at Juventus has been David Trezeguet: how many prayers have come into the area, how many goals did David?

Juve now has a new center forward:. Not a false nine but a true nine even if playing with fourteen. In Livorno, the game did not open and at one point Pogba said his prayers: a nice cross , sure, but to turn it into goal it was necessary be good. You had to be a center forward. And Fernando Llorente is a center forward:: right-footed volley and bye-bye Livorno.

“Yes, it was a goal of a center forward: Fernando said with his usual gentle smile. This was a difficult game, then it all worked out.” Then he sorted everything: is different. Five goals in 13 appearances overall: exactly the initial balance of David Trezeguet. “I’m very happy if the goal to Livorno has pleased fans and makes rethinking to a champion like Trezeguet.”