AND THUS Llorente, the man of great periods without words, is caught by the siege affectionate. Tenerife puts him in the corner, with the enthusiasm of the young participants at international football. It all revolves around his future, mysterious but not too much. Yet another attempt, nearly scored. Fernando, why are you leaving from Athletic? Moments of silence “Because football is also made up of these things.” He repeats, as if to apologize. And he stops to talk with the boy who has his shirt with his name. For him, only for him produces a “private” explanation.

THE MONEY In fact, his stay in Arona is full of emotion. Almost a liberation for the attacker cornered by his management and coach Marcelo Bie lsa. Obviously strikes his friendly attitude, his availability towards small fans. It affects how much affection and kindness towards the young juventini pouring around him. Almost a prophecy, an appetizer of what will be. On the other hand, the club in Corso Galileo Ferraris has tried up to the last market day: in August he wanted, he tried, he collided with the resistance of Urrutia, inflexible man that does not allow leakage planned. Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici have worked hard with the entourage of the boy, in particular with Chus, or the other Llorente. With the other party has established a salary with bonuses that could reach up to 5 million, starting from a fixed 3.5.

MARCA The spring that induces Fer the farewell, in fact, is not just economic. In recent months, said he was “wanting to start winning some silverware.” At this point of his career, at age 27, must collect. Marca, the Spanish sports daily, is secure “He will be the stiker of Antonio Conte.” Vamos.

Source: Tuttosport (article by Elvira ERBI)