We can say that you went into a tunnel without lights, Llorente.
‘I felt sick, physically. And morale was down. Obvious: the mind and body affect each other. And if you do not feel well physically, it is difficult to control the message that the body sends to the head. But, thank God, little by little, day after day, have improved. And I recovered confidence. Then I also had the good fortune to take advantage of the occasion had in my first game as a starter. “

When you scored with a header to Verona, closing in the tray a victory and beginning to reverse course.
“Yes, in that game started the turning point: the goal suddenly changed my life. It helped me to regain peace of mind. Then came other games, other goals. And every time I gained more and more confidence, conviction. Until I began to understand what it means to be happy. Being happy in Italy. In the end I scored 18 goals in all, between the league and the Champions League. And it arrived the title of the record. A good season, even more so because it was the first outside of Spain, for me. “

These are the directives of Allegri. That makes you work a lot on precisely the openings to the wings, on the downhills on the bottom and on the cross.
“Yes, it’s true: last year was not easy. Although in the end it went well, because my average between scoring chances and goals was very high. But this year I hope to have more chances to improve in all senses. In creating the game and the number of goals. However also Allegri is not telling us not to run. to us attackers. It’s not only about  to score. He too wants to help the team in defensive maneuver, putting pressure on opponents. “

Cross from the wide side and header goals: a recipe that works often.
“Yes, there are not many striker with my stature and characteristics of the pure number 9. The striker classic never dies. Having a striker like that in a group is very important. Especially in Italy, since all teams get behind and wait for you. Entering through the middle is difficult. Then it is very useful to work the opponent on th wings. Then send a cross into the box. Where a big striker can make a difference. “

Statistics in hand, in Spain had become the most prolific striker in the air. In Italy has not lost the habit. Juve had three great header scorers: Charles, Bettega and Trezeguet. Without making impossible comparisons, it makes sense for you to hope to follow in their footsteps?
“Well, of course at the end of career I’d like to be remembered like that! It would be a crazy pride. But it is very difficult. They are players who have shaped the history of Juventus. They have won so much. I’m only here for a year and I still have not done anything in comparison. “

Already 4 goals for you here on tour, plus 2 in the first friendly in Italy.
“However, it is not easy to gain respect in the box. You have to find the right time. And defend against defenders who do everything to move you away. It ‘a fact of experience. For me it was very useful when I was younger, seeing Urzaiz, the former Athletic Bilbao striker. He was fantastic. He’s still bigger than me, him. He had a very powerful detachment. He could always take his space and make goals. It ‘was fortunate to play at his side. I learned so much. “

Juve belongs to that group of teams that may fight to win the Champions League, including giants like Real or Bayern and other clubs are not exactly favorites, but able to surprise?
“Yes, I think that Juve belongs to that group there. We have to try. Then it is clear that it will be very difficult. But last year, for example, no one thought that Atletico Madrid would come so close to triumph. In football anything can happen. We have to work very hard to play a crazy year. We have to believe, and dream we can do it. “