“I could not train, my body could not keep up and the head was suffering. Eventually I was reborn “

Relieved, Fernando Llorente. And for putting up a physique like his it takes something. Things were going badly for him, doubts had taken away forces and trust, the choice of Torino and Juventus seemed a bad choice. Then … “Then I was lucky enough to start playing when I was finally finding the form. Injuries Vucinic and Quagliarella gave me an opportunity that I have tried to make the most of. I had at disposal games, minutes, and longer I played better I felt. I picked up the pace. “

Backward step. What happened in the summer?
“It happens that the normal problems of acclimatization due to the change of country, friends, team and city you add workloads that in my life I had never experienced. I arrived well in withdrawal I felt strong but my body was not used to working so much and at one point in the United States I felt empty, completely drain. And if the body does not work, also the head starts to struggle. And I began to have doubts. On the choice, about me, about everything. “

But it is not that in Athletic Bielsa was missing intensity.
“It was different: Bielsa is obsessed with football and we ended up with double training sessions of 3 hours each, but it was more mental than physical intensity. We focused on a single movement for a long time, then long pauses. Bielsa was emptying you mentally, spent hours on the field and had only a short time to get distracted, detach. Not here, everything is direct, without ever stopping. And my body did not  make it. “

How did you got out from the crisis?
“With the work and the confidence of the whole environment. Then obviously the body also made ​​the switch, the change necessary, we could say that has accepted the radical change of habits and I re-started. The games did the rest. “

Did you think of giving up, to leave in January?
“Doubt yes, and so many. Also because the competition is tremendous, we are 5 attackers and not easy to find space. I have not come up to that point, the market in January was brought up in the press, but I was feeling bad, yes. The important thing was not lower your head and continue to struggle, to work hard. The work always pays off. “

And Conte, what did he say?
“To have patience. That at Juve had also suffered Platini and Zidane, that the Serie A is different, which costs time and effort to get used. Waiting for it to happen exactly what has happened first in evil and now in good. He was close to me. “

Did he also had doubts on you?
“You should ask him, I do not know. It may be because there was a time when I was really bad. I did not recognize myself. But all around me I’ve always felt confidence. And before the match against Real at the Bernabeu he explained very well the physical and mental difficulties I had experienced last year. He knew my situation because a few months ago we talked about it several times. “