If you have to explain to a child what a Clasic Striker , show him the first goal of Fernando Llorente. No need for words, just have to look: the child will understand. And then will go in school yard to try, because a gesture that fascinates you, conquers you, it generates a spirit of emulation. Stop, twist and a cannonball under the crossbar: boom. “It was a beautiful goal – confirm Fernando smiling – probably the most beautiful since I am at Juve” The box was packed well, Mimmo Di Carlo has put a lot of tape around the team until the 32 minutes and Juve, although pressing strongly , couldn’t fiund the way to the goal.

Then Tevez found Fernando Llorente in the area and opened the box with a masterpiece. Three minutes after, the Spaniard ended the speech with a header and the rest of the evening was a workout for Juve: “There were two important goals for myself and for the team. We want to get to the finish line as quickly as possible without looking at Rome: this is the decisive moment, anything can happen and I hope to play well with Juve and then who knows, even to earn a place in the World Cup “.

One can argue at length about the role of modern football striker involving mobile forwards more than classic strikers.  Probably play better teams do not have classic striker up front, because there are more spaces coming from the second line and the maneuver is unpredictable. But classical striker allows some options of play during the season are essential. Llorente this year has brought a lot of points: scored 13 goals, of which 8 are decisive.

“Now I feel good – continue Llorente – I had a physical decline, but I always felt the confidence of Conte, who noticed my difficulties and gave me a little rest. You can not always be one hundred percent, but now I’m back in shape. “