While waiting Llorente said: “Juve are the strongest Italian team and one of the best in Europe – repeats these days – like Real or Barcelona. I feel lucky. I can not wait to start my new adventure. “ Has confidence: “In my means, and I’m not afraid to confront with another football  and another culture.”

No doubt also on Juve: “I ​​chose it because it pointed strong upon me.”  He has already spoken with Conte: “I heard him on the phone – he says – and it was very important to feel that the coach tells you he’s counting on you.” Someone like Llorente Juve did not have it, and for physical characteristics, some of which it should facilitate the engagement in games of Conte, who considers him a holder at the time: for the height above one meter 90, has trained feet, capable of defending the ball and pick up the team when the game is rough.

The time has earned him competitive nastiness and domination of the air spaces: meaning, two seasons ago, last played in full, scored 14 headed goals on 29. Over the past decade, no European striker did better