In an exclusive interview with the daily Tuttosport, Fernando Llorente presented the Derby della Mole: “In nine years spent with the Athletic, I experienced many extraordinary games against Real Sociedad. It was like a derby, even if they are not from Bilbao. It is the derby of the Basque Country, with large social and political implications. The sporting rivalry is similar to that felt in Turin. It would make me really happy to score. And I know how the tifosi care for this victory. ”

This is an important stage of the season: “This is a crucial phase of the season, the most important. We have a lot of trouble for now: we must regain strength for the final rush. Above all we must stay focused.”

His understanding with Tevez: “We are very different, it is also for this reason that we form a beautiful duet. He is more aggressive than me, he moves, he is smaller, he wants to impress, to score. Our goal is to help the team win the league and Europa League. We do not see ourselves much off the field. Each has his family: he has his wife and children. Me my fiancee, my parents when they come to see me. But between training and retreats, I spend more time with Tevez than with my fiancee! “.

He also spoke about his first difficult weeks in bianconero: “I ​​was not playing and people wondered why. But Conte knew that I had to work hard to get into shape. He did an amazing job with me. He had to wait for the right moment to let me play. I expected a tough work here, but I imagined it not as intense. Juve is an incredible opportunity for me: I have to prove who I am, what I am worth. I must prove that I am worthy of Juve. Conte has had a great experience as a player, he sees things before they happen during the game. He warns you before, he puts you on hold. He helps you not to make mistakes. He lives football at 200%, he transmits his gigantic energy and desire to win. I am now curious to see how he was as a player: I’ll go look on Youtube… (laughs).”


He also said that he was impressed by the locker room that he found in Turin : ” It is not usual to find a locker room as united. We often see teams with many players with different nationalities who do not know friendship. But a great team can not afford to have a divided locker room . And Juve is a great team . Paul Pogba is a great person. We share our bedroom in retreats, he transmits his good humor , he makes you laugh, he helps you to handle the pressure . It is important to know laugh. Paul will always become stronger. He is aware of his potential. And he has an excellent mental. He knows that he still has much work to become what he wants to become. Osvaldo is great, I ‘m happy for him. I understand his joy to have arrived in a great team like Juventus: I experienced the same satisfaction. And here there is room for everyone , all the players are important and Conte needs everyone.”

Not to be called to the National team for the World Cup would be a failure? “Yes, if I can not keep a good efficiency to Juve. But if we win the scudetto and the Europa League, it would not be a failure. I would have a clear conscience, even if I do not go to Brazil. I would obviously be disappointed but there is a lot of strong players and it is not easy for the coach to make choices.”