18:10 – Palazzi: “Conte, Alessio and Garlini are still in pending positions, I could also make requests for all other positions omitting these three, waitting for a possible request for settlement.”

17:50 – At the moment there is no agreement between the prosecutor and the lawyers of Conte and Angelo Alessio for a plea bargain. Shortly other news.
17:10 – The President of the committee, Artico rejected the application of the carving out, the rejections are judged unacceptable and unfounded. They also dismissed witnesses instances.. 

15:59 THE DISCIPLINARY WOULD SETTLE FOR 4 MONTHS AND 100 THOUSAND EURO Waiting for the Disciplinary  Commission reopen the work, while continuing contacts between the defense of Antonio Conte and federal prosecutors. Objective: to make “reasonable” the sentence to be served. It appears to Tuttosport, the Disciplinary will agree  to 4-month ban and a fine of EUR 100 000, instead of 3 months and 200 thousand as originally agreed with Palazzi. Reaching an agreement by tonight would prevent a challenge to the Guarantee Commission, a thing has never happened so far in a sport process .

14:45 – Again Palazzi: “This procedure does not take the principles of the penal process asking to reject all requests, the Cassation in 2005 decided that decisions not on the substance do not create incompatibilities”, the situation becomes incandescent.

14:35 – SENSATIONAL: Conte’s lawyers called for the withdrawal and disqualification of the court
Juventus requires the submission of the instance of recusal of the Committee at the Committee of Guarantee of the Football Association, for breach of the duty of impartiality. Briamonte and Chiappero, calling for the recusal of the Committee in these words: “By rejecting the plea bargain, you have already decided and you can not judge what you have already judged. The Constitutional Court in 1992 said that can not judge a court who has rejected a request for an agreed sentence “.

14:20 – Palazzi requested an explanation on the reason for the refusal of the request. It seems that the plea agreement is challenged not on the merits but on the “price” to pay. At this point we try to figure out what might be the “fair” penalty.

14:00 – Commission Returns. Conte’s plea bargain rejected, the reason is that sanctions are not considered adequate. Also dismissed the entire staff of Antonio Conte, Alessio, D’Urbano, Savorani, accepting all other demands. 

12:25 – Commission gathered to decide whether to grant the requests of the prosecutor.

12:00 – Fine of  Conte goes for  charitable purposes. Palazzi said that: “Conte expressed his wish that these amounts may be subject for charitable and solidarity purposes and the prosecutor gave his consent.” 

11:50CONTE CONFIRMED the art.23. A suspension of three months and a fine of 200 thousand euros.. 

11:35: – Palazzi Resumes: says that some instances of plea bargaining will enjoy the benefit art.24. Palazzi: Stellini admitted the charges with the declaration and acceptance of Article 24. They would have agreed 2 years and 6 months of suspension plus a fine.
10:15 – It was requested the admission of third parties and the Board withdrew for discussions.
09:50 – The President of the Disciplinary Commission, Sergio Artico, is conducting the appeal. For Antonio Conte present the lawyer De Rensis, arrived twenty minutes ago, while the lawyer Chiappero is yet to come.
09:40 – Have been made removed the banners of the fans that said: “We 30 Scudetti, you 30 coins” and “PALAZZI-CAROBBIO your top players”
09:30 – Palazzi has arrived. The prosecutor has been targeted by the roar of the fans who have displayed a banner bearing the words” Palazzi man of ….” And ‘entered in run without any declaration.

source: tuttojuve.com + tuttosport.com

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