18:38 – SPEAKS THE LAWYER BONGIORNO – The plea of the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, transcribed by colleagues Tuttosport: “I want to first point out that in our claim there is no cause for complaint, why? Everyone knows that when an athlete referred rejected a plea agreement, the lawyers also contest the order for settlement, saying that they were wrong why the sentence ‘fair’. Let’s clear why: Conte decided to tear it up and do not follow the complaint, he made this choice because he wants to make it clear that does not seek safety nets. The plea agreement also I would have advised. Race to the plea bargain because there is no chance of being acquitted. But we got to a situation where we say to our Legal assisted: ‘you can not plea bargain.’ In sports process are not guarantees of defense. Now lacks the scale of defense. If we take the repentant, you say it’s not necessary to examine the repentant. Who knows my story, I had a long experience with the Court of Justice, the only way to question the penitent is against the exam. I would let him 450 questions, and one I would kept for me. I would have asked Carobbio: Excuse me, but Gervasoni told the truth or not told the truth when he says that the race was combined by gypsies. Here we have a Carobbio denied by Gervasoni. I’m not going to give to the lawyers the role of readers of enigmas, and the famous ‘play -error’. Consider well that when Conte has chosen to accept a plea bargain, it is because I would have told that there is no side of the scale. “
Bongiorno focuses on Albinoleffe-Siena: “As further confirmation that Conte knew, there is Stellini that sends a fix … It is hard to believe that Conte knew. The response is that Stellini he bargained and admitted, but the principle that it is stated: ‘the one who knows the vice, also knows the coach.’ The supreme Court says? Says it is a logical error, that the court is wrong and asks uncritical vision and intuitive. They say, ‘Conte could not know because it has a centralized character.’ But if you look for a foothold should you look for an opposite character. The first three google of Conte are arrogant, hard and bad. But if so, Conte does not say anything. There is a test: Stellini is the person to whom Carobbio caters for permission. Carobbio tells Stellini and Stellini says, ‘Do not go to say anything to Conte, run away to your wife and let him find the situation quite definite.’ the person who was aware of this combine, was a subject that says do not go to Conte to tell him anything.
“Carobbio was considered a god, the other players instead of Siena has been declared unreliable – another important part of the pleading of Bongiorno, taken from Gazzetta.it -. If I was the lawyer of Carobbio, I would do anything for derubricate the accusation in “locker-room agreements”, in order to move from conspiracy to sport fraud. When in middle is possible, in criminal proceedings, to take 13 years of prison, it is easier to blame Conte.”

17:35 – LEGAL of CONTE, FIRST WILL TALK BONGIORNO THEN DE RENSIS – According to reports on Sky Sports, the first lawyer of Antonio Conte to intervene will be Giulia Bongiorno, who should do a shot of the situation and fix some points. Turn on and his colleague Antonio de Rensis, the personal lawyer of the Juventus coach, who is going to attack the credibility of Carobbio.

16:40 – WE ARE NEARLY THERE. MENTIONED OF NOVARA-SIENA AND ALBINOLEFFE-SIENA – The moment is approaching for Conte. lawyers Now, in fact, are considered races Novara – Siena and AlbinoLeffe-Siena. The first to take the floor, however, is the Grassani lawyer who defends Bertani. In about ten minutes-a quarter of an hour, should intervene before the lawyer Giulia Bongiorno, then his colleague Antonio De Rensis called to remove the charges that hang over the Juventus coach.

13:30Antonio Conte, has just arrived in  prosecution in Rome, with a half-hour before the start of the trial. An array of reporters and cameras that made it difficult to enter the Juventus coach and his lawyers (Bongiorno and De Rensis, in addition to the office of the Juventus Chiappero) in the prosecution.

12:30 – THE TECHNICIAN PRESENT, BUT SHOULD NOT TALK. A FEW MINUTES FOR THE DEFENSE – It IS confirmed the presence of Antonio Conte today at 14 the opening of the appeal proceedings in front of the Federal Court of Justice in joined sections (President Gerardo Mastrandrea) to appeal against the ten-month ban inflicted to Juventus coach for the two omitted complaints which he is accused by the federal prosecutor Stefano Palazzi: Novara- Siena and AlbinoLeffe-Siena. 

source: tuttojuve.com

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