A very intense day for all transfer market participants, including those of Juventus, of course, for the resolution of ownership by consensus, but then having to take the risk – envelopes. Juventus have different players under contract with this formula, whose positions are in some cases very sensitive: Lanzafame, Almiron, Ekdal, Palladino some of the names at stake.

Flash at 13.40: Raffaele Bianco, a defender on loan to Benevento with right of redemption of the half, returned to Juventus, the Benevento club had not exercised the option.

Flash at 15.10: Marotta is still within the ATA hotel and has not been sighted in the hallway. Rumors report that has already conferred with Tare for the Lichsteiner deal and with Bagni with the relatively Ekdal situation should “end in the day”.

Flash at 15.30: Matteo Trini, 24 year old keeper of Lumezzane, and from Juventus. The Lombard club announced: the goalkeeper will be given again to other buyers in the same market session.

Flash at 15:40: Paratici will talk with the DS of Palermo: Lanzafame will be discussed.

Flash at 16.30: the agent of Amauri, Pocetta, confirmed that his client is a Juventus player in every respect, while not closing the door to a transfer.

Flash at 16:35: Zavaglia announces the return of Aquilani to Liverpool.

Flash at 17.00: TMW says is a high risk for Ekdal sale .

Flash at 17.30: Fausto Rossi, halfway between Juventus and Vicenza, should remain in doble ownership for another year.

adapted by Mike Prise