I’ve Told you so! After a fight of 9 years here comes the truth on Farsopoli! or however they’ve called it.  

The judgments of the Calciopoli process: Luciano Moggi has been prescribed for association and acquitted for two sports fraud, also prescribed was Antonio Giraudo, acquitted referees Bertini and Dattilo, Mazzei confirmed the sentence for De Santis and Racalbuto.

“We’ve joked for nine years: the process has terminated in nothing but with so many expenses. It was found that the championship was regular, the draws were regular  and there were no conversations with foreign sim cards  “said Moggi after.

The third section of the Supreme Court has declared the sentence at 1:15 in the night canceling the conviction of second degree of two years and four months against Luciano Moggi as part of the criminal process of Calciopoli because the offense and today prescribed accepting the requests of the Prosecutor General of the Supreme Court, Gabriele Mazzotta. Canceled without court also conviction of former referee Pierluigi Pairetto. Prescribed for the offense Innocenzo Mazzini, former vice president of the Football Federation. Luciano Moggi, before was sentenced to two years and four months, Antonio Giraudo to 1 year and 8 months expedited.

At this point the situation sees a dome formed by only two referees, very little to sustain an advantage for Juventus who now could also ask for a review of the process, but we have to wait until the motivation to understand the real chances that that at this moment seeing the acquittal of Giraudo for prescription may not be many, in any case there are only two referees found guilty, perhaps sufficient elements to request a review of the process sport.

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