Given the results so far, the 7 teams that will fight for the top parts of the ranking are Juventus, AC Milan, Udinese, Lazio, M***A, Rome and Naples. There is only one match (M***A – Lazio) to make the complete picture of the direct confrontation of the first half of the season. These are the results:

You can see how Juve have done incredibly well, having scored more points of all, and having played 5 games out of 6 away. Only Napoli approaches to Juventus, with one point less, but having played 5 games of 6 at home! Thus appears even more evident that you win the league title with small teams (AC Milan has made only 5 points with the “great” – then 7! Less of Juve). 

source: VecchiaSignora; by: jukkoo 
adapted by: Mike Prise