NEW EXAMS FOR Lichtsteiner The Swiss, on Monday had written on facebook to be ready to return. He had done all the training, the doctors had given the go ahead for the exams (at which he was subjected after the discomfort had with Frosinone) had ruled out any complication and looked like it could start as the holder. Yesterday, he arrived the countermanding of the Juventus healthcare team : “Despite having worked without physical problems – says the medical bulletin – he is to be considered unavailable for the Champions. The doctors have prepared further investigation and specialistic cardiological consultations, to investigate the causes of the symptoms arising during the match against Frosinone. “

What has changed in a day? From Juve explain that it is just an excess of caution: when in the middle is the heart (yesterday for the first time there was talk of further investigation on the heart) caution and investigation you never have too many. Lichtsteiner and doctors agreed that it was best to consult other specialists.