Lichtsteiner: "I stay because I love JUVENTUS!"

Now, Stephan Lichtsteiner, after Conte of Wrath there is Massimiliano the Quiet.LICHSTEINER-NUMBERS
“Allegri is a great coach. He has already won a championship. He signed great seasons. Even in the Champions League has always done very well. No surprise there. A very good impression, yes. He talks a lot, and well. We are working especially on prolonged possession. It’s really a pleasure to train with him. “


Your 3-5-2 has been memorized by opponents. You really need a tactical change?
“If you play 5 in midfield, keep the center of gravity always high. And then you can try more often to put yourself on the attack, but also risk to become more predictable. If you’re on the wing, behind, in a deployment to 4, it is easier to play: have a companion in front of you. If you play a 5, almost always when you get the ball you’re alone against your opponent, and you have to do the whole field. Playing 5 is harder for an full-back, you do not have a lot of solutions. This team has a lot of players in their national who played with other modules. With Conte in the beginning we played 4 on defense. And even though we went early with the 3-5-2 formation, it is not that we have forgotten everything. Or we are no longer able to play with another module. With the quality and experience that we have, it would never be a problem to change. “


His counterpart on the other end is Evra.
“Is one of the strongest left-backs in the world. He is a true leader and we have seen that immediately. In the field, and outside. He has just arrived, but if you do not know,  you think he is with Juve for many years. Talks with everyone, already feels at home, gives advice, he informs himself about everything. He is inserted in a hurry, with harmony. Really seems to be here forever. “


In recent weeks, the Paris Saint Germain tried to transfer you. You have a contract expiring in 2015 negotiations with Juventus have started long ago.
“Yes, of course, the interest of Paris Saint Germain: but for me to be here is also a choice of love. If I did not like to play for Juve, for sure I would not be talking about renewal. And then I go into the field just to win. And this is what the fan wants to see. That you sacrifice yourself for the team colors. “