In an open letter to all Juventus supporters, Stephan Lichsteiner expressed his feelings and his believe in winning the UCL.

“Dear Juventino, I found myself in a moment of sadness and I decided to share some thoughts with you.

“Despite the many titles won in the past six years, despite the many beautiful and unique moments we shared together… there’s still something missing, and I know I am not the only one who thinks so.”

“In three years we have reached two Champions League finals, coming a step away from realising our dream. Close to the finish line. We Juventino now have wanted for over 20 years to bring home this cup. I personally have dreamed of it for 33 years.”

“Losing again in the final… it really hurts… rather badly. And it is a very difficult time to deal with. Although we wrote a piece of unique history by winning six consecutive league titles, we are very down in the dumps! An immense frustration. “

“But, dear Juventino… even now, this makes us strong and we never give up! We will rebuild and sooner or later we will win this title too! We must continue to believe it! Until The End!”