There is a lot of objectivity, wisdom and humility in the new Juve and it “dictates” the coach who is influencing in a more positive the players and not just on the pitch but also to the microphone.¬†

¬†Alessandro Matri, which is humble, looks good in the interview given to Sky Sports: “I try to think from game to game, without having illusions, even if I am happy for the goal and the victory. Now I’m working a lot better than earlier in the season, and mentally I feel better and I can do what the coach asks me in the game. ”¬†

When they compare him from the studio to Trezeguet the “mitra” responds dry: “The comparison with Trezeguet is a bit too much because he wrote the story of this team, and I still have not taken the pen in hand.”¬†

 With these statements Matri justifies the numerous and thunderous choruses dedicated in his honor by the fans and brings back to mind when, in a blatant at least, when Mr. Bronzetti has instead pointed the finger on the difference in treatment between the mythical Trezeguet and Amauri (to Trezeguet and not to Amauri ). 

by:Pietro Dello Spedale Matraxhia adapted by:Mike Prise