Defence:            6.5/10
Midfield:           7/10
Attack:              7/10
Determination:  8/10
Buffon (6.5): Gigi has made a good save on Osvaldo’s ball in the last minutes of the game.
Barzagli (7.5): Obviously, today he was one of the best players on the pitch, he assisted Giovinco to score the fifth goal of the game.
Bonucci (5) (flop of the match): His overconfidence is becoming annoying to most of Juve’s followers. His careless and pointless intervention on Destro cost us a penalty in Roma’s favour. Not to mention his endless and worthless talkativeness with the referee, and finally the unexplained clash with Vucinic. When will he grow up ?
Chiellini (7): Giorgio has made some good interceptions and he blocked many of the romanian mouvements that came from the left.
Caceres (6): He did what he had to do. His playing role was a tactic one most of all.
Vidal (7): Arturo the tireless warrior had a very decent game, he scored Juve’s second goal from a penalty kick and he made the assist to Matri’s goal.
Pirlo (7): The maestro is back, Andrea ruled on the midfield. He has unlocked the game with a brilliant a free kick and scored the first goal of the game.
Marchisio (8) (top of the match): Our Principino is undoubtly one of the best midfielders in Europe, he shined throughout the match by making a perfect link between midfield and attack.
De Ceglie (6): Paolino joined the attack at several times and he made a huge contribution in building the attacks from the left side.
Matri (7.5): Il Mitra has proved tonight that he’s up to the task. Congratulations for the great performance.
Vucinic (6.5): Unfortunately, Mirko was out of luck against his former team, nevertheless, he made a good effort to create spaces, and to deliver scoring chances as well.
Giovinco (7): Oh, Nostalgia ! why did you make that tongue celebration ? he gave me the blues as I remembered our beloved Captain. anyway, I’m glad that he’s back to scoring again.

Conte (8): Our special one ! We miss you..

Zeman (0.5): because you confessed that Juve were better and stronger than your team. Now you see how talking too much can cost you.

 by Shaman SuperVagabond
 Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS