Storari (6): It’s very difficult to replace the best goalkeeper on the planet, but Marco did well in yesterday’s game by keeping clean sheet against Parma.
Barzagli (6,5): Like always, Andrea was vigilant, and he formed along with Marrone and Bonucci, a great defensive wall.
Marrone (7): He was absolutely outstanding in central defense, I mean for a 22 years old lad, Juve can be reassured about their future.
Bonucci (6): We’re glad that you’re still here with the team, but you still can improve your defensive qualities by avoiding some of your trivial errors.
Lichtsteiner (7): A real poison in the right flank, he scored a crucial goal that unlocked the game.
Vidal (6): Our warrior wasn’t in his best form yesterday, he missed most of his tackles and missed a penalty shot that could give to the game a different scenario.
Pirlo (7.5): Elegant, strong, intelligent… the Maestro Andrea, led the rest of the team in the battlefield with confidence and high motivation, he scored the goal that killed the game.
Marchisio (8): There’s nothing to say, Perfect, our future captain.
Asamoah (8.5) (Top of the match): and Top of the mercato, man of the match, he ruled the left side of the pitch, tireless and very strong, physically and even technically, he won every duel leaving no chance to his opponents to find space, after his wonderful goal against Napoli in the Super Coppa, here he comes again with a great assist to Lichtsteiner’s first goal of the match. Asa, our top player.
Giovinco (5,5): Obviously, it wasn’t Seba’s night, we could clearly see how tired he was, unfortunately he missed more than one chance to score, we’re still waiting for you to do better than this.
Vucinic (6.5): He sowed the danger in attack, by creating the needed space to the wingers, especially for Asamoah to go forward. Mirko is a key player in the squad.
Carrera (7): Thank you for the motivation you gave to the players, keep up the good work, we still need you, Conte still need you, now more than ever before.

By Shaman SuperVagabond
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