Defence:   8/10

Midfield:  7.5/10

Attack:     6.5/10

Coaching:  7.5/10

Chelsea’s Bus:  Without Wheels

Buffon (7.5): Grazie Capitano ! Super Gigi managed to keep a clean sheet in the 3-0 win against Chelsea.
Barzagli (7.5): Andrea played like he always does, with intensity and high confidence faced to two of the fastest players in the game, Hazard and Mata.
Bonucci (7): A descent performance by the italian international, Leo keeps getting better every season. He just has to work a bit more on his tackling and his game play.

Chiellini (8.5) (Top of the match): Absolutely outstanding either in defense or in joining the attack ! I don’t know about you guys, but in my point of view he was definitely our best man on the pitch last night. He dealt perfectly with the air balls and made sure to cover every ball from the left flank.
Lichtsteiner (7.5): Finally we could see the swiss express in his top form again. He gave the best of him last night, on the other hand he let too many spaces to the opponents for making the run to Gigi’s area.
Vidal (8): I’d gladly give him the man of the match. I’m still not sure if he either is a warrior or a football player ! Keep it up Arturo.
Pirlo (7): In general, he did a great job, but he was unfortunately under pressure throughout the game. He gets a part of the credit for Quagliarella’s goal.
Marchisio (7): Il principino never stopped running, linking the defence to the attack. He had a tough night against a very energetic and talented player like Oscar but he managed to outmatch the brazilian obstacle. Too bad that he got the yellow card, and as a result, he’s going to miss our next crucial game against Shakhtar.

Asamoah (8): What a sensational player the ghanean is ! he won last night’s battle against the serbian ‘rock’ Ivanovic, and was behind Vidal’s goal that killed the game.
Vucinic (6): I’m not going to focus on Mirko’s performance, He came back from an injury and he still needs to recover all of his strength.
Quagliarella (7.5): As long as he scores, he will get the highest marks, I promise.
Caceres (7): Maybe he just played for few minutes, but we could notice the quality that Martin has in his feet and the great mentality that he has as a professional. I think that Conte should use him more often, he’s certainly not a benchwarmer.

Giovinco (8): He came in, he scored ! What more to ask for ! La formica atomica is pure talent and I’m sure that he can give way better performance than his current one.

Di Matteo (0): You’re a bus driver without a bus ! next time try to use the highway instead.

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