Defense: 6.25/10
Midfield: 6.20/10
Attack: 6.25/10
Coaching:  8.25/10

Buffon (9) (top of the match): His save on Bertolacci’s ball has turned the match upside down and you guys know what happened next.
Barzagli (4) (flop of the match): The worst performance ever from Andrea, his carelessness, his imprudence and all the wrong passes that he made have almost cost us the game.
Bonucci (6): Leo was our best defender on the pitch today, he did his best to cover up Barzagli’s huge mistakes.

                                “Il Ciro Vs Chiellini” Marotta bring the boy home!

Chiellini (6): Giorgio did well facing one of the most talented Juve’s expatriate, Immobile.
De Ceglie (5): Very limited on the left flank, technically and physically, there is no comparison between him and Asamoah, the big difference is so obvious to the public.
Caceres (5.5): “Il pelado” was very slow against Genoa, especially in building the attacks from the right flank.
Pirlo (6): “Il maestro” lacked of spaces today to do his magic due to the good positioning made by Genoa’s midfielders.
Marchisio (7): Despite his fatigue, he still the beating heart of the team.
Giaccherini (7.5): one of the few good things taken from today’s match, his presence is fundamental to Conte’s side. Congratulations for the fantastic goal.
Giovinco (7): The “atomic ant” had a decent game today, he had good touch of the ball, though we’re still waiting for a better performance from him.

Matri (5.5): there’s nothing special to mention aside from his lack of confidence during the last games.

 Vucinic (8): One goal and two assists, that’s how Mirko contributed to today’s victory coming from the bench in the second half.
Asamoah (8.5): Certainly our top player of this year, and the best serie A signing of this year. He certainly deserves credit for his great work and his determination.

Conte/Carrera: I’m not blaming you here, but you could have avoided lining up Pirlo, Barzagli and Marchisio. On the other hand, you did well with the replacements, a decision that brought a very satisfying result.

Now let’s go kick some english ass, here we come Chelsea…

 By Shaman SuperVagabond
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