Defense:    6.5/10
 Midfield:   7/10
 Attack:      5.5/10
 Coaching: 7.5/10
 Grinta:      9/10
Buffon (6.5): There’s nothing he could do on the two conceded goals,but some of his great saves prevented the team from getting lost at the Stamford Bridge.
Barzagli (6): He did well against the belgian Hazard and stopped him from finishing a couple of his dangerous penetrations in the box. On the other hand, unfortunately Andrea was very slow.
Bonucci (5.5): Leo could have done much better on the first conceded goal by not touching the ball, it was a silly mistake.
Chiellini (7.5): He was outstanding in yesterday’s game, he showed a great strength on tackling and on air balls. Giorgio has closed all the spaces against Torres and kept him away from the action.
Lichtsteiner (7): ‘The suiss express’ had a great game on the right flank, especially defensively.
Vidal (8) (top of the match): Arturo the worrior, despite his injury he never gave up, and scored Juve’s first goal in the Champions league, and at the same time, his goal gave to the team hope, who fought back from 2-0 down and grab a well-earned point  at Stamford Bridge.
Pirlo (5.5): Unfortunately, The maestro had a very bad game yesterday against european champions, because of his lack of concentration during the last two games.
Marchisio (7.5): “Il principino” was one of our best players on the pitch in yesterday’s game. He took over Pirlo’s role by delivering two scoring opportunities,first to Vidal, then a crucial one to Quagliarella.
Asamoah (6): He did nothing that worth to mention during the whole first half of the game, though, his performance has changed during the second half and he gave a great support to the team from the left flank.
Vucinic (6): He had a great chance to score and put us up front, but something strange happened in that moment, he had enough space and enough time for running then scoring, but he couldn’t make it, he has just gave the ball away.
Giovinco (5) (flop of the match): where’s that Giovinco from last year ? I’m still not sure, we’re still waiting for something reassuring. Seba had a very poor performance, he was simply like a flipper’s ball, the atomic ant got crashed by the blues defenders.
                                 “Watch me Conte! I am a Juventus material and I can score”
Quagliarella (7.5): Yesterday’s night saviour. “Eta Beta” scored a late equalizer, and he also hit the crossbar, and we could have won the game. I think Fabio needs more playing time and more chances to prove his real value.

By Shaman SuperVagabond
Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS