TURIN, September 17, 2012 – The Champions League calls, the leader says. It’s up to Frank Lampard to shock. He that usually passes from the press room to finish in the dressing room at Stamford Bridge. To change. To charge. Almost a sign of normality for a special player. Yes, special for Chelsea that on Wednesday evening will host Juventus in an environment that promises to be very hot welcome. 
THE SIGN The Champions League calls, Lampard says. With utmost respect, with the strength of someone who has won the last edition and in balancing for good euphoria and balance. “It’s great to look back with pride that cup won in last season, but we can not stop for a moment if we want to leave an important mark in the European field.” The notice to mariners, after the goalless draw against QPR. “Every year it gets harder and harder, Real Madrid and Barcelona are stronger than ever, but we must stay focused and do well from the start of the group.” 
THE ZEBRE As written by The Independent yesterday, Chelsea points to another miracle Champions. Eye at the start, though. The first opponent Juventus and strikes the right fear. “We know, against Juventus will not be easy. It is a very strong team that has made the history of football. They have won the last serie A from unbeaten, have invested a lot in the summer and well and consequently are a match for us. ” 
THE LOVE Call them crossed, between Lampard and the Old Lady. In the past, it was almost love. Frank hesitated on the renewal with Chelsea and Turin sirens that never cease to attract. So that the manager Steve Kutner has probed the ground a couple of times, with plenty of summit meetings in London (the famous one in March 2007, captured by the flash in plane site Roberto Bettega and Alessio Secco ds then) but not just … Evidently, has lacked the astral conjunctions. He remained, however, with great satisfaction. Up to the sky to raise the cup with the big ears in Monaco of Bavaria. After a exciting journey “Yes, especially the two games against Barcelona, in the semifinals. A show that an English club for a long time could not give. It’s great to have the trophy and medal in the drawer, but there is no need to relax. On the contrary. Since we did it once, why not try it again with a double? “. 

 Source: Tuttosport (article by Elvira ERBI)

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