TURIN – Dejan Joksimovic, Krasic’s agent, suggests that his client is more away from Juventus

Conte doesn’t want him anymore – the words of Joksimovic to the Serbian press – Milos has to play so the best thing we can do for him is to find a new club. Let’s see how things go between now and Christmas. Both Chelsea and Manchester City have come forward in the summer but Juventus have decided to reject their offers. You never know what will happen, but both clubs are still looking for a right-wing. Borussia Dortmund? They are baseless rumors, I think Krasic is a little ‘more important than the Borussia’. However, Juve must act quickly because if he continues not to play the value of Krasic on the market will fall. I repeat, must play and within a month we should have a clearer picture. ” 

adapted by: Mike Prise