He is just tired or discouraged. And the team  does not support him well or with Italian which he has some problems. These possible explanations, some valid, others less so, for the Krasic involution. Milos, in the first half of the season, had been able to charm Juventus fans with amazing plays. 

The bursting race, the determination of the warrior, clean and punctual assists, they made him gain  the epithets as “Serbian arrow” and “Blonde Lightning.” With his crosses and his goals had entered in the heart of Juventus fans, who have compared him to the Juventus hero Pavel Nedved .  

But all this has vanished in the second half of the season. Milos had lost concentration and freshness, making him a player almost normal. A few personal insights and the usual cumbersome actions had made him predictable to his markers. He was no longer him.

The situation today has not been changed, although we are still at the beginning. In this first season friendlies Milos failed to recover the shape and the sparkle he had last year. Yet the form of Conte would take full advantage of the great qualities of the Serbian wing.

Krasic is then to take the tonicity, the desire to win and charm that made ​​him the nightmare of the full backs of Serie A. Must go back to eating the right wing for his black and white people, who eagerly awaits the return of their blond angel.

Krasic has to return to fly again, not as Icarus but as an Eagle!

by:Antonio Michele Paladino