Marotta has found the agreement with the Serbian. Stronger than the will of the full-back, the Bianconeri director insists on having him in loan with right of redemption. But he must give way De Ceglie and Ziegler

The accelerated was sudden, as anything but unexpectedly. Beppe Marotta has in hand Aleksandar Kolarov. Of course, hence the possible drafting of contracts, and in the middle the agreement between Juventus and Manchester City, he will still have to pass water in the English Channel. The fact remains that the step forward that has made the director of Juventus is intended to make noise. And most importantly, represents a watershed in the affair.

It is ‘from February which on these pillars gives an account of the renewed interest of Juventus for the Serbian of City, already tried by Marotta since 2010, with a series of replay market vain. The score may seem the same, in fact the music is changed remarkably in recent times. Because Juventus is present on the international scene with the effigy of contiani championships and polished by the wave of brilliant participation in the last Champions League elimination with Bayern Munchen aside.

And it is becase Kolarov, in this round, not only is no longer shielded by the British company, but it is also in the departing occurred. After 3 seasons in the Premier, in Manchester does not fit in the new programs of Pellegrini, his contract is expiring as early as 2015 and also the change of agent (for some time deals with him the agent Bozzo) should be read as a move likely to promote the return of the full-back in Italy.

That is, in fact, what hopes Kolarov: he has made ​​no secret in recent times, asking the new coach set him free (“My Manchester cycle is over, I want a team that let me play with continuity,” he admitted the player a few days ago).