Every 14 minutes Vidal will come upon you and 9 times out of 10, steals your ball. Arturo Vidal is the King of ball contrasts won in Serie A after 9 games, is his share of contrasts won in the opponent’s half and is new for italian football. That’s why he has succeeded in making change his mind Conte from his much loved 442. 

In the special classification of ball contrasts, there are Hetemaj, Behrami, Mudingay, Pinzi, Nainggolan, Cambiasso, Guana. Mediani. Median full stroke, lung and grit that often go and act as a dam in the front of the defense. They are joined by Campagnaro, Mesbah, Vitiello, Bellusci, Konko, rough and fast defenders, ready to advance or melee, their range of expertise.

But between them tick, or rather stands, the new signing of Juventus, King Arturo Vidal. The Chilean is not the first one, 35 contrasts won 28 , but he is at the top in proportion to the number of minutes played (at 520). In addition, as mentioned, Vidal goes to contrast high, blocking from birth the opposition actions and creating immediately dangerous actions.

If Pirlo imposes timing and invents, if Marchisio is striking, Arturo Vidal contrasts and destroys the source of others game. A midfielder with educated feet and instinct of a predator, a midfielder who growls like Gattuso but in high position, almost on the saVIDALme line of Pepe and Vucinic.
Not to mention that the 24 year old Chilean, snatched at Bayern Munchen, has 10 goals last season at Bayer Leverkusen and has already hit at his debut with Parma.

adapted in english from tuttojuve.com