#KhediraDay started with a message from Sami Khedira in Italian in his opening press conference, here are his words left though the club’s official twitter account:

“It’s great to be here, I’m working hard to learn your language.”

“Juve are a club with great history, a top setup and magnificent players.”

“I’m extremely proud to be here. I promise I’ll give everything I’ve got to help this club keep making history.”

“I wanted a fresh challenge and Juventus gives me just that. They’re on the same level as real madrid.”

“I spent five wonderful years at real madrid and a new challenge was something I’d already decided on a while back.”

“I’ve obviously spoken to Alvaro Morata and asked him about the club.”

“It will be a real honour for me to play in this league. It’s a tough championship and full of strong sides.”

“Juve have displayed their ability to compete with top European clubs. I’m here to reach another UCL final.”

“I’ve been working with a personal trainer over the last two weeks of my holiday. I feel in good shape.”

“I’m here to play but I know I have to earn my place in the starting XI. There’s plenty of competition in midfield.”

“I didn’t know Pirlo would be leaving the club when I first spoke to Juventus.”

“I’ve played very little competitive football since March so that’s why I chose to work with a personal trainer.”

“I’ve chosen number 28 because it’s one I’ve had before. It was the shirt I wore with my first club Stuttgart.”

“I don’t consider the Italian league to be inferior. It’s a high quality championship and tactically challenging.”

“I played alongside Alvaro Morata for three years. His first season at Juventus was crucial for his development.”