TURIN, Aug. 8, 2012 – Intercontinental Travels, fast-paced, busy days. The managing director Giuseppe Marotta is about to leave for Beijing, but in the meantime prepares the field for another goal at the return from the East: the purchase of the attacker. In these cases, strategies and timing are critical, Juve are not in a hurry and not in a position to have, forced to wait for other clubs – not hostage to the financial fair play – do start a domino effect intended to include the top clubs and top players in Europe . 
NO GUNMAN Yesterday, Liverpool has made ​a move (but not Domino), armoring until 2016, Luis Suarez: wage brought to 7 million a year, and the player has a good game to show off the world  “happiness and attachment to Reds, staying here was a dream.” less straightforward is the situation of Robin Van Persie, who yesterday has magically reappeared in the withdrawal of Arsenal in Germany, under the orders of Arsene Wenger. Some ensure having seen him sad, but others swear that RVP is ready to set aside the doubts, convinced by the new acquisitions (the last is Santi Cazorla). In short, two diametrically opposite interpretations: the fact, however, is that the renewal of the contract remains untouched. Other – new – piece of the domino is Fernando Llorente: is leaving Athletic Bilbao and at the time has no intention of renewing the contract expiring in 2013 (the club has 4.5 million gross, he wants it 5.5 ) and Juventus have done a survey. If it should be a opportunity … 

 source: tuttosport.com

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