TURIN, August 29, 2012 – HARD LINE Resists, however, the possibility of reaching Llorente. Indeed, it transpires from Spain that the chances increase. Within the entourage of the player¬† strengthens¬†the belief ¬†that¬†the strategy of Athletic Bilbao¬†leaders¬†is destined to fail. Now President Josu Urrutia insists on non-transferability of Llorente and sticks on a request for ‚ā¨36 million (as sell out clause) but will actually be placed on August 31 at a crossroads, a point of no return: if even then refuse the 16 to 18 million that offers Juventus, will really come to the idea of losing Llorente on a free transfer at the end of the season. Regulation by Uefa, as early as January, the player is free to sign a contract with a new club. And since there are many who bet on the fact that the club will be Juventus, well, the¬†Basque¬†number one would risk indeed a damage and the mockery.¬†
DANISH PARACHUTE However, if the change hoped does not happen, and then Juventus should postpone the purchase of Llorente, Marotta resolves the issue then attack with a low-cost solution: it has already been probed the ground to understand the possibilities of obtaining Nicklas Bendtner on loan from Arsenal. The Dane, born in 1988, responds to identikit of the typical first striker so-called of weight, which can undermine the defenses, which currently lacks to Juventus: 194 cm in height for a weight of 83 kilograms, the Danish national has a score of 18 goals in 48 games last year while on loan at Sunderland, has created eight scoring in 27 games. On his trail had been also put Fiorentina and AC Milan. 
source: Tuttosport (article by Riva-Vaciago) 
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