TURIN, August 28, 2012 – As expected. Final rush of popping market at Juve on the front strikers. Yesterday saw it go down the hypothesis Jovetic (rejected 30 million!) And blend immediately the Osvaldo track (non-transferable for Rome), delivering the entire limelight only to Llorente and Cardozo: Spanish, at the latest , will arrive in Turin at the end of the contract; Cardozo should be in pole just in case that Athletic Bilbao decided not to give up now Llorente. Borriello? Stocks falling, but remains a possible last-minute card. 
The shock offer for Jo-Jo The white shirt of Jovetic was sold a definitive basis however will be the only part of Jo-Jo, protagonist of a transfer; the piece was worn Saturday night by Andrea Della Valle, drenched in joy after the two jewelry of the Montenegrin. With the new set, Della Valle had re-emphasized the line of absolute non-transferability: “Jovetic does not move from here.” Synthesis that yesterday afternoon Pradè, directeur sportif violet listened once again to the manager of the attacker, came to town in the pocket with Juventus shock  offer: Quagliarella, Borriello (taken from Rome) plus 15 million, or 30 million in cash the famous gentlemen’s agreement. A termination clause that for Jovetic’s men would have value in all locations, but for Fiorentina is nothing more than a private agreement, not deposited in the League and therefore without any real credit. Sure, you could say that a “gentleman’s agreement” should always be respected, but it is also fair to point out how certain “stakes” must necessarily drop in front of the little time that remains to Fiorentina to run for cover from the technical point of view. The tug of war would always be possible in the civil courts, but beyond biblical times maybe, this is a road that nobody cares about, particularly in light of the excellent relations existing between Agnelli and Della Valle. So, the Jovetic – torment finally closed. And nothing to do as well for the City, another suitor of the attacker. 
Llorente even in January … Chapter Osvaldo: there has been a Juventus offer. At first the Rome asked 20 million, but then did reverse and removed from the Italo-Argentine market. The focus of Juventus is however now on Llorente in the first instance and Cardozo near. In Bilbao continue to say no to 18 million offered for the giant of Pamplona. Marotta will not go more than a penny, the boy only wants Juventus and in Turin will go anyway: now, in January or end of contract, in June. In the immediate future, however, a striker should be given to Conte. And so, day after day, there are growing the shares of Oscar Cardozo, 29 year-old Paraguayan national who no longer has the right feeling with Benfica, despite 89 goals in 135 games. The Portuguese ask fifteen million euros, Juve will offer eight, at 10-11 closes. Cardozo is not a big name, however a safe bomber at the international level, older but no way inferior to Llorente
Source: GdS (excerpt from the article signed by Gozzini-Graziano)
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