MILAN, August 19, 2012 – Basque tutorial, lesson number one. Learn the translation of “Mercenarios kanpora”: “Out with the mercenaries.” The fans of Athletic Bilbao have scrawled in red marker on the classic white banner to training on Friday: they had with the pair Llorente-Javi Martinez, who then would be the two best players in the club. Here it is understood that Javi and Fernando have changed teams and yesterday Marcelo Bielsa has added an element. Has not called neither Llorente neither Martinez for the first match of Liga – tonight against Real Betis – and explained the reasons for his decision: “I chose considering the shape and mental condition. It is a difficult situation because all positions are understandable. Martinez and Llorente have the right to decide so and I understand the fans, while not sharing their way of expressing themselves. “It refers to the banner and whistles that fans have welcomed Llorente, which moreover is not yet Basque in Navarra neighboring region. 
Borriello … and Dzeko Juventus takes note because she knows that the passage was important: if Llorente remain on the sidelines of Athletic, the negotiations can proceed. Marotta has offered 16 million and is willing to go up to 18, while Bilbao has made ​​it clear they want the sell clause of 36 million. Bielsa has appeared not to care: “I never said that if the company will sell Javi Martinez and Llorente I will leave Athletic. I am satisfied with the team with these two players, but also without. “For Javi Martinez will have to resign himself: according to Bild, will be of Bayern in next week for a figure close to 40 million. For Llorente, the situation is more uncertain, partly because the Bilbao no longer need to monetize. Juve then continues to evaluate at least two alternatives: Borriello, returning from Rome, and Edin Dzeko, another striker for which  Conte would say yes. The City, if would close for Jovetic, would have a striker in excess of the Bosnian and the price would drop. Marotta is watching. 

source: GdS (by Bianchin-Di Feo)

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