Betrayal Llorente is accused of high treason, at best. Because in recent days, since President Josu Urrutia said that “Fer” is not going to renew the contract with Athletic expiring in 10 months, the tone of the volume of those yelling at Llorente grew: “The clan of the player went from a lie to other-wrote on “As”-so that the leadership of the club had accepted the idea that sooner or later he would come to an agreement.” Already booed by a minority, in the Europa League, Llorente on Sunday threatens the tough challenge by the offense “Catedral”. The Athletic is a team unlike any other, and leave it is traumatic as well as complex. The Basques can not pick players who are not in the area, expanded in recent times to neighboring regions such as Rioja or Navarra, and it reduces the market to a handful of flies. Around there is no other Llorente. Period. Athletic can rip Beñat from Betis but the player, while good, has other characteristics.

The will of Fer But Fernando has decided: he wants to leave, and he wants only Juventus. Not interested in Arsenal, and even England. Believes that the Turin club has the right train that passes at the right time for him and how things are going to Juventus. He likes the idea of measuring up to Serie A, to refute those who say that the Spaniards in Italy are struggling, and is believed to have a good chance of winning something important with a club as being of great charm and a rising force.

The obstacle Javi Denied the interest of Arsenal by Wenger himself (“We have already bought Podolski and Giroud ‘), the biggest obstacle of Juventus to get to Llorente is … Javi Martinez. The player now is of Bayern Monaco. And towards Bilbao is coming a check for 40 million euros. So many. Oxygen immediate and sharp weapon for the President Urrutia. Because once you collected the booty would be in the (enviable) position to sit in his office with peace of mind to evaluate. Might get stuck: or Juve brings me 36 million of the clause for Llorente, or the player may also watch as a spectator in to start the season that is waiting to get on with a new club starting next January. A couple of weeks and we will know if the standoff will be won by the employee or the employer. 

Source: GdS (article by Filippo Maria Ricci)

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