MILAN, Aug. 14, 2012 – Full speed ahead on Fernando Llorente. In words yesterday Athletic Bilbao and Juventus have opened negotiations for the striker of Pamplona who in June can release him for free from the Basque club. The move of yesterday is significant because the president Josu Urrutia came out into the open after weeks of haggling, “The boy clearly wants to leave, and so has refused to renew the contract. We have already met the agent of Llorente, we continue the dialogue in these days and I am still optimistic, as always, the player will remain with us still. But if he should continue to refuse the renewal, then should be a club that us pays the termination clause (set at 36 million, ed.) But it is evident that in these hours the player rating is growing a lot.” They ask also about Juventus: “At the moment I received offers from Juventus for Llorente, there might be some interest but there are still no concrete offers. As the player may be of interest to other clubs. ” 
The replica Speaking to Sky Sports 24,  Beppe Marotta admits interest in Llorente: “He’s a good player, with a profile that meets the needs of Juventus, but it is evident that here you have to deal with who owns the player. In this case we are spectators, but expect carefully the evolution of the story. I do not know, we will evaluate whether to bid, and to accelerate the contact with Bilbao. “
The negotiation The Juventus manager can not go further, but it should be put in a short quote that Juve will formalize a proposal to the Spaniards of 16 million euros. And with the player is already a contact for a four-year 3.5-million annually. Instead, the Athletic starts from 36, but do not emerge competitors. At least for now. So to Bilbao an offer around the 20 million could also be good. But these are the next steps. In any case Juve to this goal holds a lot. Is no coincidence that Antonio Conte considers him a major reinforcement, his wage is also just fine. Alternatively there’s Edin Dzeko, but the track is more expensive and depends on the incoming moves of the Manchester City. However on Dzeko, Marotta does not close: “The attack of City is always susceptible to change, he is an important player for us and represent a point of arrival. These situations can evolve from morning to night. ” 
 source: GdS (by Carlo Laudisa) 

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