TURIN, Aug. 13, 2012 – The Super Cup is history, the spotlight will move from Beijing to Bilbao. Gigi Buffon and his companions at the moment leave of the scene, to take it are Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici, which touch intervene the defects Bianconeri, also thanks to them, are objectively few. This does not relieve the Juventus club because of it’s magnitude, to point to always improve. In the focus thus remains the attack, paradoxical as it may seem after the poker trimmed to Naples. Indeed, an attacker will arrive at least, as Marotta said two days ago and even for this doubts in this regard are not allowed. The question is whether we will see a radical change or a simple work of makeup. To be clear: Stevan Jovetic would be a great blow to the present and the future, Edin Dzeko also, Fernando Llorente a good bet, Giampaolo Pazzini a move by a few risks but limited by breath. That also applies to any return of Marco Borriello, however, denied. The record, as we said, right now leads in the direction of Bilbao. 
CONCERNS To wonder also the fact that Llorente is the right player for Antonio Conte is lawful. Because the bomber of Pamplona during his career he has shown undoubted talent and a remarkable propensity to score, but also some limitations of character, what rinfacciatagli by Marcelo Bielsa during the finals lost against Atletico Madrid (Champions League) and Barcelona (CUP). In this last chance to Llorente has befallen the shame of the replacement and it seems that on that occasion the relationship with the coach is definitely cracked, especially after Bielsa was called out of the Llorente question, avoiding the confirmation of the bomber to plead: “These are matters of the club.” In Corso Galileo Ferraris everything was weighed and what emerges from the discussion is that Llorente could legitimately be part of the available rose of Conte, provided that his arrival does not lead to madness. The cost cap is the one already described 20 million. 
Source: Tuttosport (excerpt from the article signed by Gianni Lovato) 

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