Starting from the first Round I proved how good I am! I am indispensable in this New JUVENTUS!

TURIN, March 23, 2012 – Fast, sprightly, aggressive: three adjectives that reflect the state of the form of Juventus, who presents the final rush of the race championship in an optimum condition. Not even mid-week effort, complete with 120 minutes on the field against AC Milan, Bianconeri worries the staff in view of M***A. “Gasoline we still have a lot, we found the brightness to face the final part of the season,” has reassured Angelo Alessio, Antonio Conte‘s deputy on Tuesday night after gained the spot in Italian cup final. 

THE RECALL The credit goes to the group of coaches and the new structure created in Vinovo, with Paolo Bertelli, the closest collaborator of Conte in the field, Professor Roberto Sassi the expert of Training Check, which analyzes the data provided by the performance of each player to optimize training methods, and Julio Tous, the expert of the force. The staff has been able to calibrate the workload throughout the season to arrive in the spring without the breath and the red of the reserve, but with enough energy to run and fight. Crucial Christmas was the withdrawal in Dubai where Juventus was subjected to hard working sessions and has filled the tanks. Not surprisingly, in the first game of the year, in Lecce, the team was packed and appeared lackluster, but because it was tired the recall winter, according to a tradition so dear also to Marcello Lippi, was used for the long term. And the effects are seen after three months: on Tuesday night at the Juventus Stadium, when bianconeri have outstripped the Milan on pace, intensity and speed. 

THAT SCISSORS The results of the Training Check are also warn on the forehead injuries, especially those muscular, a sore point the last few years at Juventus. In the middle of last March, for example, were already 50 against only 18 now. A gap that could widen even after this season: in 2008-09 they recorded 64, 67 year after dropping to 60 injuries last season. The comparison is positive, not merely looking at Juventus, but compared with other clubs. With Andrea Barzagli (calf problem) and Alessandro Matri (slight contusion on his right knee) ready to return against M***A, Juventus infirmary empties. 

source: Tuttosport (by Pasquino-Salvetti) 
adapted by: Mike Prise