The match against Cesena was a classicall “warning”, warning to all the Juventus team, a mistake can happen, it would be wrong to repeat it. With Udinese had not suffered goals, with Milan one, with Cesena, two. With Atalanta, but especially with Borussia commit defensive errors will be equal to a suicide. The Bianconeri will have to be careful in all phases of the game, not losing balls in midfield on the pressure of the opponents, on the corner by not giving occasions in Hummels, master at the headers and at the opponents counterattack, talented in the fast game with Aubameyang and Reus.

These are the general indications, moreover the game with Cesena opened the debate and raised the alert level to the maximum available. The match against Borussia is too important to leave some details to the case, but especially is one of those from the highest degree of difficulty. In Europe you will be punished at the slightest mistake, this Juventus will have to remind and serve the perfect match, both forward and in defense.

adapted an article from tuttojuve.com