We expect Marotta real hits, but we must not forget that Juve must first, and perhaps most importantly, sell. Which is not easy. Let’s see case by case what trouble has to solve Beppe Marotta.

Let’s  start with goalkeepers. Marco Storari played a great championship: diminish the value makes sense only for those who love the taste against Juventus and leave the time as it is. Gigi Buffon is still, theoretically, the world’s number 1 among the numbers 1. Seems like a department more than complete, but there are problems. Storari rightly wants to play, because they are the last years of his career.

On Buffon are, no point in pretending, several doubts about his physical condition and his real reasons for wanting to still toiling in the field. Both would have market and Juve would have to decide quickly what to do. Antonio Conte is said to have spoken with Buffon ruling that the goalkeeper can still give so much to Juve. I trust this, so it remains to place Storari  , if he will not accept the role of second fiddle. His departure will presumably linked to a  low profile sell.

Defenders. Grygera and Motta and Grosso are departing. The first has never convinced and, indeed, was the subject of harsh criticism. Thinking that we kept him renouncing to  various like Balzaretti and Criscito The second was bought, but Marotta will use him in any exchange or will sell him. To Grosso will not renew his contract and will be free to settle down where he pleases. Traore will return to Arsenal after his loan, while the debate is wide open on Sorensen:  fourth Central defender, behind Barzagli-ChielliniBonucci, or on loan to gain experience? The situation on central defenders is rather clear: impossible (or nearly) give up to Giorgione, Barzagli has convinced and can return valuable, while on Bonucci, only if should arrive a juicy offer from abroad

Midfield. If Conte will not veto, Sissoko will certainly be sold. Malian has a market in Spain and France and we have to play well this card. Felipe Melo risks a lot : Conte does not see himand  the arrival of any of Inler or another would mean the renunciation of theBrazilian. It costed 25 million euros, Juventus now will not sell him for more than 16 million. He will also may be important in some level of exchange of (real? Liverpool? Arsenal?). 

Attack. Iaquinta and Amauri represented the flop of the last leadership. The first affected by injuries, the second constrained by an inability to withstand the pressure. Both, however, are hostages of costly engagements, that preclude some negotiations. We’ll see. For the rest of the quartet Del PieroToniMatriQuagliarella seems to be confirmed …