Vidal and Marchisio
Vidal and Marchisio

If we would think that we’ll see the Juventus against Cesena from here to the end of the season, we would have to worry about, at Cesena, Juventus has not lost it all but has done everything wrong, and more, and it’s not the first time, already done it in Udine with counterattacks given away, already done it with Milan with big mistakes. A missed opportunity for Juventus to go plus nine, in a game in which you could and should win after a bad start and the reaction.
Have to think about the many individual and team mistakes , the lack of concentration of almost all those who took the field and who played with sufficiency. The championship is not won and certainly if the Bianconeri will play like at Cesena and will re-live the deficiencies seen even with AC Milan and Udinese, the title race with Roma will continue until the end with the risk of getting burned.
Urges a general exam of conscience to see what doesn’t work, because too often the mistakes are so coarse as to see them just as the result of sufficiency.
Now there will be Atalanta and then Borussia, time for joking is ending, judgments will soon be definitive.

adapted by Mike an article of Massimo Pavan @