MILAN, October 13, 2014 – Vidal, diplomacy at work The issues so far encountered by Arturo Vidal are not tactical. Aside from the escapades at night (the last has paid with bench in Juve-Roma), El Guerrero struggled to change gear especially for physical issues. So Sampaoli, c.t. of Chile immediately after the friendly with Peru:

“Arturo ended the game with some knee discomfort (that operated in May), we will see what to do after the controls. It’s always because of these problems that has played the World Cup at 30-40%. It must be said that in Brazil has shown great love for his country, risking his career just to be on the field to lend a hand to his companions. “

A first contact with the medical staff Chilean was relieved Juventus, which in any way at this time for diplomacy is working to anticipate the return of Vidal in Turin, in such a way to save the guy a friendly on Wednesday night with Bolivia. Today is awaiting the response of Sampaoli and the Chilean federation.