TURIN, May 24, 2012 – An offer for Didier Drogba. Nothing to do with what the Ivorian had received from the Shanghai Shenhua, but intriguing enough to make him think about what to do. The attempt of Marotta, in short, is a serious matter even if competing with the 10 million per season offered by the Chinese is a difficult task. That money, Juve, they can not (and will not) have to offer Drogba, but can still make a tempting proposition without disintegrating the balance of the locker room (the fixed would not exceed 4/5 million), but leaving the premiums and bonuses the possibility of raising the total receipts of the center forward. 

THE TEMPTATION Is obviously not on the economic plan that Juventus competes with the Shenhua, but on the more strictly professional:because signing for Juventus would mean continue to play in one of the most watched league in the world, not to abandon the scene of the Champions League and keep global visibility that would collapse in munificent but the media clandestine of Chinese league. Juventus offers to Drogba an appendix of high level in his career, which culminated last Saturday by winning the Cup with Big Ears in the final in Monaco of Bavaria. And, on the more strictly personal, Juventus would offer Drogba the possibility of not leaving Europe for an adventure fascinating but also problematic for his family. 

INTERPRETATIONS So much so that yesterday someone was reading this thought between the lines of his statements of farewell to Chelsea. Words full of love and affection for the Blues and all to be interpreted with regard to the future: “I won’t play anymore in the Premier League, this is a certainty. I feel like a new adventure (and here the second English reporters is the reference to China, ed), but I must also take into account the needs of my family (and here, however, is interpreted as a shift towards Europe, where would certainly be more convenient to arrange a transfer ndr). ” 

FOUNDATIONS This is why the bomb dropped by Marotta did some damage in Chinese certainties, on which Drogba was building his future. Now the Ivorian has some doubts and took the time to decide: the millions of Chinese on the one hand, the prestige of Juventus on the other. 

COUNTDOWN matter of days, at most ten, because then Drogba will have to give a definitive answer to the Chinese and move into the league, already underway, where he will find his friend Nicolas Anelka (who plays right in Shenhua) and also Marcello Lippi, would be an opponent (the Guangzhou train). Meanwhile, Marotta expects, with the slim chance of hitting another blow alla Andrea Pirlo. It was exactly a year ago that the operation that was materialized, perhaps even underestimated at the time, brought Juventus to the key player for the revolution title of Conte. Drogba could be the man for the Champions, who just won it without the desire to take off. 

source: Tuttosport (by Guido Vaciago) 
adapted by: Mike Prise