Maurizio Crosetti, on the columns of Repubblica focuses on the Juventus’s position after the calciopoli ruling issued by the Supreme Court:

“Juventus has no intention to retreat, not this time, not anymore – writes the journalist -. Waits for the written judgment, for which the Code does not provide for deadlines (this is the Supreme Court and there is no fourth degree of judgment), and in any case should be published with no time too dilated. Then, the lawyers will decide the procedural strategy that will not be different from that followed in these long years:

Attempts to regain the lost league titles (2005 and 2006) and confirms the economic compensation asked to the Football Association: 443 million euro, an enormity that however Juventus have calculated to the penny, quantifying damages and lost revenue (…..)

Juve wants back their league titles, believing that have been won on the field: continues to consider them in the general number of the trophies, and the final figure stands at the Juventus Stadium where, in a few weeks, will almost certainly be updated. In Turin, it is noted that no degree of judgment has established responsibility and involvement of the club: this would leave even the appeal to the TAR of Lazio and the cause of damages to the FIGC, despite Tavecchio and his collaborators have welcomed with relief the failure of acquittal Moggi and Giraudo, very different than the declared prescription (…)”