Those days I had the opportunity to visit Barcelona. The holiday in Barcelona was absolutely speechless. The city is fantastic.

I don’t understand those kind of people, meaning the tourists at the FC Barcelona Tour Stadium who are the common tourist, if you know the type, taking pictures with everything around, getting ahead, pushing and so on, not trying to sit relaxed on a chair (as there were plenty) and feel the history of that place, trying to understand what this Stadium means and what this team means this days. 

I stopped and had some reflections on the past and the present, after seeing F.C. Barcelona, as now is also on Antonio Conte and Claudio Marchisio lips and minds, and seeing that Mister is trying to use this team as a model for the future, I can say that if the concept is going to be embraced as well, we, the Juventini all over the world, we should expect of great things to follow.

I am just a Juventus Tifoso. Pretending that I have all the answers is crazy but I don’t think there is somebody who can say that has all of them.

Trying to understand why Juventus is not FC Barcelona is hard to digest. But FC Barcelona for so many years has followed a Project that starts from La Masia, beginning at the youth of the young footballers, and then giving them all the support  to  become the stars of tomorrow. This is the cornerstone for this FC Barcelona that we see today.

Juventus and Antonio (as he somehow relates with Pep) need to follow a path. And that Path has to be followed by the ones that will come after. Enough with experiments!

The clear IDEA is the main thing that lead  FC Barcelona to what it is today. Not having a clear idea of the future is similar to this year 7th place and to mediocrity.

Antonio is the man that I put all my trust and so has to be done by everybody that Loves Juventus.

He is young and has all the necessary qualities to do great things. He just needs our trust in him. Not now, but when the time will come of the defeats and the struggling time. Pep started his adventure on his beloved team with one defeat and one draw. What followed will all know!

I see a lot of discipline in all the players that Mister is relying on. And this 2 friendlies are a good start and I don’t mean at the results but at the way the players are focusing and the way that Mister is loosing his voice each time after a usual training.

The difference between Juventus and Barcelona in 2011 is the IDEA! (and of course not to forget Farsopoli).

If Juventus will have one clear IDEA (concept, etc.. name it whatever you like) and will follow it then in about 3-4 years we will have all the necessary things to be the Juventus of Marcelo Lippi, because that is all the time for me the comparison to be done and Antonio knows that better then anybody.

Bianconeri siamo noi! Ma chi cazzo siete voi?

by: Mike Prise