Ale’s legacy . The choice of the number 10 is delicate for obvious reasons. The legacy of Alessandro Del Piero is heavy for anyone, not by chance last year, in the first championship without the Captain, no player has worn that shirt for Juventus. The only to ask for was Giovinco, but rightly Conte and the company had decided to avoid a confrontation impossible. In the summer of 2012, the number 10 was promised to Van Persie, but the attempt to tempt the Dutch failed because there were many more zeros in the pay packet offered by Manchester United. Said that Marchisio and Pirlo have always stated that they intended to keep on their 8 and 21 and that Buffon had refused the invitation of some fans to add the 0 to his 1, the reality is that after a year, the number 10 is without an owner. Among other things, the three players that Juve is dealing wear other numbers: Jovetic has the 8, Higuain 20, Tevez 32.

Five good reasons. In the end, then, Vidal could be the ideal solution. For five reasons: First, there would be no technical comparisons, since he plays a different role from that of Del Piero. Second, has the character of the leader and would not suffer the pressure. Third, is a champion recognized around the world. Fourth: he has the nice habit of scoring, which is not bad, and kicks the penalties. Fifth, could bind to Juve further, beyond of the probable new renewal. Vidal had begun to ask for the number 10 to Agnelli already during the season and after the triumph of Scudetto has addressed this issue in a more convincing manner. Now the ball is in the company and in the meantime on the Internet the fans go wild. There are those who acclaim Arturo, others who would prefer to wait for a new big striker, others who continues to ask that it be withdrawn that shirt. A specific question, Del Piero said it clearly: “The children must continue to dream of playing with the number 10 for Juventus.” Certainly Vidal dreams about it.