TURIN, May 25, 2012Robin Van Persie in Turin: for now only in the role of tourist, but who knows that to first visit will not follow others and maybe even the move. The Dutch striker has been in Turin last week, when his manager Kees Voss (representative of the Sports Entertainment Group) has met Beppe Marotta and Fabio Paratici to make a point of the situation and listen to the proposal of Juventus leaders. 

The number 10 shirt. In Italian blitz Van Persie has been coddled in every way. It was literally driven into the world Juve: ride into town, visit the stadium, look at the sports center in Vinovo and of course a jump in forum to discuss away from indiscreet eyes. Cuddling was not over. When they were sitting in Corso Galileo Ferraris, Marotta and Paratici have pronounced very sweet sentences for the striker who will be 29 years on August 6, who plays for Arsenal since 2004 and is one of the objectives of all major European clubs. To Robin, Juve has said it will the champion around which be able to build the team to win the Champions League: and this is the difference, for example, at Manchester City that has many champions in rose and then could not guarantee to Van Persie a role of technical leader. And then there is another passage of the conversation in headquarters that is certainly relevant: Juve has promised to the Dutch the number 10 shirt, the one that Robin wears for Arsenal and in Juventus has a symbolic value, particularly given that in July will change master after nineteen years of Del Piero

Economic problem. In short, everything beautiful and everything good: Juve likes Van Persie and Van Persie likes Juve. The problem, as often happens, the money: Dutch asks eight million a year, Juve can not go beyond the parameters established by time and has offered six million, in practice the contracting of Buffon which is the player more paid of the rose of Antonio Conte. The Bianconeri are convinced that the figure is already high and that the two missing millions could be filled by the major role that Robin will have in a growing team and that the intent of the managers should open a winning cycle because the base is fairly young. Among other things, the game of Conte, made up of movements, of entries, actions at ground level, seems made to enhance the characteristics of Van Persie, who has sharpened over the years as a scorer without losing the ease in the phrasing and cleaning touch. Moreover, the class it does not lack for sure. 

source: GdS (by G.B. Olivero) 
adapted by: Mike Prise