The transfermarket is done throughout the year but it is clear that these months are crucial to take the lead on rivals and now Juventus have an incredible advantage that can spend on the transfermarket, because it is the only company or almost certain to be next year in the UEFA Champions League.

To date, the main competitors have no certainties, and may even end up outside of the most important European competition, this means losing a substantial figure over forty million euro. This advantage should be exploited to move ahead given that Roma, Napoli, Lazio and Fiorentina can not compete today because they do not have the certainty of having those forty million that could change the perspectives of the  Transfermarket. The Roma is then living the uncertainties of the bench and with her also the Naples that it is not safe to have Benitez, an uncertainty that affects even in transfer-market decisions.

The most peaceful are Fiorentina and Lazio which are even the teams that play better but they do not know if the Cup with the Big Ears will welcome them. Uncertainty also for AC Milan and Inter, the noble decayed who live economic uncertainties related to the Financial Fair Play and because of technical and tactical.

Juventus, then can move in a decisive and vehement way to anticipate all, by focusing on this factor that should not be overlooked, Juventus has today a certainty, the top European competition, the other do not.

adapted an article of Massimo Pavan @