THE SECRET – Many KO-s were caused by many different aspects: injuries, bad luck, players undertone and the constant departures in recent years that have not been metabolized. In reality, however, defeats collected by Mannschaft, the team, of Klopp are also the result of the tactical skills of his colleagues who seem to have found the countermeasures to the game of vice-champions of Germany. The first stop in the BVB’s season, with a 0-2 at the Signal Iduna Park on the first of the season, was the Leverkusen Roger Schmidt. “In the first game – said the former coach of Salzburg – we found a BVB in clear physical difficulties and unable to impose their usual game of speed and counter-attacks. Problems that were certainly dictated by some absences and that new purchases, especially the attackers, had not yet completely assimilated the tactics of their coach. In fact in the second game we found more difficulty because they were faster and responsive, although forward proved to have even more of a problem. ” The undertaking by storm in the house of Dortmund has been able also for Wolfsburg, currently second in the standings, and to Hamburg preceding by a single point in the standings the club of the Ruhr. Two wins accomplished differently and by two coaches, Hecking and Zinnbauer, who found two different keys to stop the yellow-back. “To put them in trouble – said the coach of Wolfsburg – we set a game in which we played a great pace for most of the ninety minutes with a suffocating pressure brought on opponents during both offensive and defensive phase. Plus we did well to limit their play on the wings and prevent it from delivering to their strikers and also blocking entries of their midfielders. “ More deadbolt, instead, for Hamburg who managed to snatch all the stakes thanks to its defense, which is still one of the worst in the Bundesliga. “Our victory – said Zinnbauer – was more the result of luck. While we played a great defensive game, it is equally true that they have made so many mistakes in the final stages especially with Mkhitaryan that is not shining than last season. There is no formula to beat Dortmund, but it is true that to put them in trouble and stop their game it must be a game to the highest levels. ”

adapted from tuttosport